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Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья!

Меня зовут Владимир Бойченко. За свои 25 лет преподавания мне удалось разработать уникальную методику, которая позволяет быстро и просто освоить иностранный язык.

Преподаю как в группе, так и индивидуально. Также доступно дистанционное обучение (Skype: vladboy67).

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До встречи :)

Учитель английского Бойченко Владимир

Teaching experience

Опыт преподавания английского языка
Vladimir has been teaching for over 20 years. All this time, he taught in various places (schools) and countries (Germany, USA, South America, etc.). Almost all the time he perfected his experience and created a universal system (methodology), on which he has been working for many years with students of different levels and ages. He taught people from 4 - to 67 - of years! One of his students entered the Canadian private school, where for 80 years there was no Ukrainian.


Методика обучения
The methodology is based on a unique comparative characteristic of all European languages. Universal tables allow to master at least in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. We believe that today such methods do not exist. This technique allows Vladimir Nikolaevich prepare students for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, for being guides. Students write poems and songs using grammatical tables.

Why with me?

Почему Владимир Бойченко?
For the work Vladimir was involved in creating an interactive children's learning program. After laborious work there has been released a children's game disc. He also participated in international seminars, conferences and master-classes. Vladimir was awarded the medal of "Excellence in Education of Ukraine". He was preparing winners for future SAOC and competitions in English. This is a person with charisma and good sense of humor, musician.

Children's classes

Children are our future, and that is why they should be taught very carefully, taking into consideration all the characteristics of any of them.

Some call this method the "old school", while others - "antiquated method" - it is when children write with a pen or a pencil a lot of simple sentences on a sheet of paper, trying to understand what they write, and do not print them in the devices. It also teaches them to be conscientious and assiduous.

Your children will be able to learn this foreign language; in a month they will understand and will be able to speak, using simple structures, and in three months - competently write and say simple sentences.

We are just helping them to love learning the foreign language :)

Adult classes

Every adult sees his or her education different ways, and therefore we cannot apply the same methods of training to all the people.

We offer English language courses with an emphasis on the quality of education for all ages. In training, we try to take into consideration current trends, a lot of listening, speaking patterns and help not be afraid making mistakes. Errors - they are normal when you learn how to use any language.

If you keep silence all the time, you will never speak.

Maximum attention is paid not to the process of learning, but to the result. We will help you achieve the best possible result.

You will be able to moderate the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency to master this foreign language. We will discuss the price of the training so, that you could make your education cost acceptable.

Individual sessions

Classes are made just for you, where you understand, that everything is accessible and simple. We want you to feel comfortable with us learning English and German with the usage of all possible methods, techniques and materials.

Group lessons

We will help you achieve a sense of stiffness in a group, you will learn not to fear the interlocutor and you will be able to use words while speaking. We will pay attention to grammar that are used in practical grammar clichés.

We will be happy to hear your comments :)

Anyone studying a foreign language with us will be proved that it is just simple :)


Our students have already entered universities abroad after the first attempt
195 points
In Ukraine, the IEA (independent testing)
91 points
7.0 points


Opening quote
I am very fond of English classes in NMU. Thanks to my teacher. Especially I like his approach to the training process. Once you come to his classes, and you can feel the high quality of teaching.
Closing quote
Opening quote
From the first lesson I realized that the rumors that the ‘NMU’s English is at zero’ are just stupid ones. I was so excited about how our teacher could involve the whole group into the subject studying from the first minute of the lecture!
Closing quote
Opening quote
English external testing was passed by with the great result - 194.5 points! Thanks a lot to my teacher!
Closing quote